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January 5th, 2007

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12:19 pm - errol!
yay! i have finally found an errol only comm!
I am a relative new comer to the world of flynn. I didn't know he existed til watching the extras on Pirates of the Caribbean. And I certainly did not know what he looked like until my sister (who was at home due to violin exam in the afternoon) started watching the Sea Hawk on bbc2 (?) a month or so ago. She realised what a delicious pirate film it was (and we love pirate films- and westerns to some extent) so she recorded most of it. Made me watch it, and then we watched it about 10 times after that.

Inevitably we fell in love with Errol, Lu got the box set of 6 films for Christmas, and we watched them all.

My favourite is the Sea Hawk still, but i love Captain Blood (young Errol squee!) and Dodge City.

He is not the type I normally fall for ( see Johnny Depp's eyes and cheekbones, Jeremy Irons' voice and Richard Armitage's smile) but one look at his beaming face erases any tension and anger i might have.

I doubt i would have liked him very much as a person, he seems a bit manipulative and uncaring, but we would have got along ;) But he was unique and iconic, and life loving.

Someone invented an adjective "errolesque" but there is no one who you can compare him to.

bit of a long post.....but he is worth it.

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